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Style Crush: Amal Alamuddin

Well, technically, Amal Clooney (still getting used to that!). Since I first saw images of this woman with womanizer George Clooney I was instantly intrigued. She was classy, educated, and successful. She projects confidence and doesn’t sell her body for attention. I have mad respect for this woman and as I’ve followed her through the… Continue Reading

Fashion Remix: 1 shoe; 3 ways.

Hello my loves! From now on when I wear an item more than 3 times I will be doing a poll to find out which look is your favorite based on that one item. This time I wore these ShoeMint Blush Suede “Edith” platform three times. Each look was unique with kept with the color… Continue Reading

Very (dot com) Excited

Another day, another contest! is an online department store that literally is on point with the hottest trends for every season. This British force of fashion faboulousness is branching out across the pond. is filled with incredible women’s and menswear that will very much keep you very stylish. If you’re looking for a glamorous cocktail dress, then is your one-stop… Continue Reading

Fitness Friday: Patrick Goudeau & Nike Women

It’s Fitness Friday! This week Nike Elite Fitness Trainer and my personal trainer, Patrick Goudeau, collaborated with Nike Women dishing out his favorite drill (trust me, it’s a good one & it works), The Crab Curl to Press. Check out the video below as he shows you how to get your core, legs, and arms… Continue Reading

Junkie Cosmetics: Giveaway!

All you beauty mavens out there, pucker your lips and get ready for an awesome new giveaway from Le Fashion Monster. I have partnered up with Junkie Cosmetics to give away a gift bag and their signature lip gloss (it’s delectable). Junkie Cosmetics is an up and coming new make-up line that I have lucky… Continue Reading