suede mini dress outfit

Hollywood & Highland | Suede Mini Dress

Coming back to L.A has been such a trip! I landed from Mexico (post coming soon) and the first day back I was lucky enough to spend the day at Hollywood & Highland. Living in L.A, I don’t venture out too much (thanks traffic!) but I took the risk to drive to Hollywood (it wasn’t […]

Istanbul City Guide


Stripes. I have officially grown an obsession for this print and it doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. If you’re following me on Instagram you probably have the seen my last few posts mainly being that of articles of striped clothing. Guilty? Yes. Proud? Absolutely. For some reason everything I’ve been purchasing or […]


90’s vibes

The 90’s have been slowly making their way back into the fashion and now they have come full swing! Today’s post is clearly 90’s inspired with one of my favorite staple outfits: a slip dress, t-shirt and some sneakers. This look reminds of Rachel from Friends and many more iconic looks seen in those times. […]

places to eat in Istanbul

leather mini skirt

So it seems like old habits die hard…back to black and leather-esque articles of clothing it is! I was shopping in the Istinye Park mall and went into MANGO for the first in well…awhile. MANGO was on fire back in the today but went through an awkward phase the past few years (kind of like […]

burgundy skirt outfit inspiration

Rekindled romance | burgundy skirt

You know when you’re packing for a trip and and go deep into your closet to find pieces you’ve worn once, like, three years ago? Well, today’s outfit is basically that. As I was packing to come here to Istanbul, I was stumped at how many things I don’t have in my closet. I haven’t […]

how to find the perfect foundation

How To Find The Perfect Foundation + My Favorite Foundations

Foundation is an essential part of any beauty regimen. I have been struggling to find the perfect foundation all my life and didn’t really know the difference between any of them until recently. I thought every foundation was the same, just marked differently by the brand. I had no clue what full coverage, medium coverage […]

what to do in istanbul

A Day in Istanbul, Turkey

I’ve taken some time to process the situation here in Turkey. If you didn’t know, I come from a Turkish background and most of my family lives here in Istanbul. I come ever single summer for about 3-8 weeks, depending on the amount of time work will permit me off. I love the country for […]

how to wear a pink leather jacket

pink leather jacket

When I saw this jacket at Zara, the first thought that came to my mind was the Pink Ladies from Grease. I love colored motorcycle jackets as I feel they truly add a nice punch to any look. I’ve been branching away from all black and neutrals and slowly dipping my toes into the world […]

zapzyt review

Top Secret Acne Fighting Army: ZAPZYT (it does what it sounds like) + GIVEAWAY!

Zits. Gross. The most dreaded word when it comes to your skin. Come to think of it, to your entire beauty life! I never understood what it mean to have a “break out” because I didn’t struggle with acne or zits when I was a teenager. As an adult, my skin  has changed drastically and […]

wimbledon outfit idea

What to Wear to Wimbledon

This post is sponsored by Wimbledon. Wimbledon. The most prestigious and iconic sporting event in the world. The biggest question, aside from who was going to walk away with the trophy, was what would I wear? I headed to Wimbledon this year, and, after doing my research, I found that it was much more stylish […]

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