pajama party with Loomstead

pajama party with Loomstead

loomstead bedding

This post involves two of my favorite things: friendship and bedding. The first may be obvious as friendships are so essential and without friends, life would be pretty boring. The latter I’m sure made you go “ehhh?”. Well, I love to sleep. I also love really cozy, soft, stylish and comfortable bedding. I love to change up the sheets on my beds every two weeks as I feel that if your bed is not cozy and to your liking, how can you enjoy being in it? I’ve realized that when my mother was in control of my bedroom (hello blue and brown sheets—eek!) I never enjoyed sitting in bed, hanging out in bed, nor did I sleep well. I know it sounds weird but if you don’t enjoy your surroundings, then you can’t really be comfortable.

One of my dearest friends recently launched his own online bedding company; Loomstead. Since I’ve know him his family has been in the bedding and home decor industry and I ALWAYS envied what they had. He decided to launch his own company to gives customers direct supplier-customer bedding. What makes this any different? Well, you cut out the middle man and don’t have to pay the typical 30-100% mark up costs most stores usually have.


loomstead bedding

One thing I learned about sheets are that there are so many varieties. I used to think I only liked cotton then I tried Belgian linen. Belgian Flax to be specific. At first I was taken aback by the texture, but the moment I laid my body to rest it was like being smothered by a light and airy cloud. These sheets were a blessing and they keep me super cool in the summer and super cozy and warm in the winter. If you haven’t yet tried Belgian linen, I would highly recommend taking a chance to do so. It will totally change the way you sleep. This is just my personal opinion, but if you’re a straight cotton fan, then I probably can’t change your mind.

Be sure to check them out and follow Loomstead on Instagram, I promise you won’t be disappointed. And let me know your thoughts too!

A big big congrats to my friend Sam, on chasing his dream and making it happen. You’re such an incredible human being and I hope that this journey fulfills you. <3

I was also lucky enough to be asked to model for his company’s social media with one of my best girlfriends, our mutual friend, Rachel. Rachel and I met eight (or nine?) years ago and initially everyone thought we were twins. I have to say, when I’m being compared to someone who is not only mega beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well, I take it as a compliment. You can see the both of us together and tell me if you think we resemble each other.

I think friendship is one of the most special kinds of relationships we have in our lives. When I say friendship, I don’t mean those friends who you have specifically for partying, dining,or venting to. Yes, they’re friends, but I’m talking about friendships where you can truly just be yourself and do anything with (even nothing).

With my handful (5) of my closest friends I can sit with no makeup, not speak, and just veg out for hours. I can also get dolled up, go out and eat. I can call them when I’m having even a silly moment of insecurity and know that even if I speak for 30 minutes about nothing, they’ll listen. I know that they will also tell me the truth and call me out on all my BS. That to me is the most special thing. Friendship should have no boundaries. I hope my friends never stop telling me “Deniz, you’re acting like a selfish pig” or “Deniz, that was wrong”. When people can handle you at your worst and have your best interest, that’s a real friendship.

I’m happy to share some of the cuteness we shot for Loomstead and hope you guys enjoy!

loomstead bedding loomstead bedding loomstead bedding loomstead bedding

loomstead bedding loomstead bedding loomstead bedding

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