Style Crush: Amal Alamuddin

Well, technically, Amal Clooney (still getting used to that!). Since I first saw images of this woman with womanizer George Clooney I was instantly intrigued. She was classy, educated, and successful. She projects confidence and doesn’t sell her body for attention. I have mad respect for this woman and as I’ve followed her through the media, I’ve seen her ever-evolving style. I.Am.Obsessed!

Amal’s style is classic and extremely chic. If I could (believe me, I would) rock almost everything I’ve seen her in. Her wedding style has been so on point, I am left speechless after every photo I see her. This woman truly has it all: brains, success, beauty, confidence, and Mr. George Clooney.

This¬†Giambattista Valli¬†dress went from runway to the streets of Italy. I need this dress in my life, however, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be sold out world-wide. Thanks Amal (it’s okay, my wallet forgives you).



She also wore this incredible Stella McCartney pantsuit with great derby hat to really add a fun touch. I also need this outfit in my life…I love that she chose something conservative yet still very sexy. I don’t know about you, but pantsuits done right look sexier than a dress in my opinion.

Let’s also point out how proud Mr. Clooney looks to have this woman by his side…that’s love!


Another statement piece she wore was this striped Dolce & Gabbana number. Call the Psychiatric Evaluation Team…I’m going fashion crazy. Seeing her wedding style outfits really made me want to update my wardrobe & get some sharper pieces (that aren’t just for work).



I hope this post made you drool as much as it made me. Aside from the “fashion”, if you haven’t heard of Amal Alamuddin, research her. Let her be an inspiration, not just with her style, but with her education and achievements. She really is an inspiring woman and I’m glad to see someone like her in the spotlight.



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