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Happy Monday everyone!

I’m excited to start a new chapter of the blog; beauty & skincare. I’ve been asked constantly about my skincare regimens, makeup routines, and oodles about hair styles, products etc. As you all know, I cover a lot of this on my YouTube channel (which you should subscribe to here) and I decided to also delve into creating more blog content, not just videos for you all.

My skin is extremely off and on. One day it’s super oily, one day it’s drier than the Sahara desert. My face is more oily, but my body tends to be exceptionally dry in general, especially in the winter. I keep thinking dousing myself in coconut oil, cocoa butter, and any other oil will solve the problem, but, it doesn’t. Yes, those all help give me moisture I need for a short period of time, but it doesn’t help with maintaining my skin’s glow.

I came across Vanity Planet’s “Spin for Perfect Skin” kit and like most of you, was hesitant. I get so scared about trying to new products, especially anything that’s mechanical. I’ve heard about spinning brush tools for skin but never thought it would make much of a difference. But…I was wrong.

spin for perfect skin brush system

This cleansing, exfoliating face & body brush system has truly made a significant difference in my skin. I’ve only been using it three to four times a week (it is safe to use daily) mainly because it’s a new regimen and I don’t want to shock my body or skin too quickly. I haven’t experienced any irritation, so I’m most likely going to incorporate it as a daily part of my skincare ritual.

Before I used this brush system, My elbows and feet were starting to look excessively dry, almost cracking (and let me tell you, I HATE dry, crackly looking skin). I used the pumice stone tip and my feet are starting to feel and look so much softer and sexier (as sexy as feet can look!). Another plus side, by removing all the dry excess skin, you’re allowing your lotions/oils to soak in more making a much bigger difference externally, but also hydrating your skin more.

This brush system comes in an assortment of cute colors, I chose pink because, well, it was the cutest! It includes 4 different heads. A pumice stone to effectively clean and removes calluses and dead skin gently on your feet, elbows and knees. A cleansing brush for your face, as well as an exfoliating facial brush (use he cleaning one first for better results) and a body cleansing brush. I seriously love the fact that there is a body cleaning brush because just think of all the build up of products that are left behind that a typical loofah or bar soap can’t get? These brushes allow for optimal usage of your cleansers that you use daily.

Clean skin is essential to healthy and glowing skin. I honestly feel so hydrated and healthy and clean thanks to Vanity Planet’s “Spin for Perfect Skin” brush system.

Some exciting news! This product is now on sale from $100 to $30 with the coupon code: FashSpin

You can get it here.

spin for perfect skin brush systemspin for perfect skin brush systemspin for perfect skin brush system

spin for perfect skin brush systemspin for perfect skin brush systemvanity planet brush system vanity planet brush system

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